CNG Natural Gas Valve Caters to Vehicles Powered by Alternative Fuel


As America searches for alternative fuel sources, CNG (compressed natural gas) has proven itself a clean and affordable option for fueling anything from cars to 18-wheelers.  In response to growing demand, Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturers of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves, has developed the CNG Natural Gas Valve, a high-pressure, high-flow, low-leakage valve for CNG-powered transportation.  

The CNG Natural Gas Valve is designed for integration into compressed natural gas fuel dispensing systems with single- and multi-tank applications. Switching to CNG allows the ability to meet low emission standards.

Examples of vehicles suited for the CNG Valve include light-duty (sedans, pick-up trucks, and SUVs), medium-duty (vans and shuttles), heavy-duty (school and transit buses, semi-trucks, waste disposal trucks, and delivery vehicles), and off-road vehicles (lawnmowers, forklifts, freight mounts, and street sweepers).

Boasting a simplified system design, the CNG Natural Gas Valve allows a high flow in single and multi-tank systems.  The valve can withstand high pressures from 0 – 4500 PSIG, a range appropriate for working and maximum tank pressures. For increased safety and reduced environmental impact, the valve is designed with bubble-tight leakage at 0 PSIG for optimal sealing performance.

The two-way, normally closed valve is built with a stainless steel body.  Using an integrated electrical coil enclosure, the valve requires 18” leaded connection.  The CNG Valve can operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 170ºF / 77ºC.  Requiring a small amount of power to operate, the valve runs on a voltage of 12VDC and has a current draw of 1.65 amps.
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