Co2 Laser Markers Code Packaging Substrates


LM SeriesCo2 Laser Markers allow for coding on various packaging substrates including paper, chipboard, cardboard, glass and plastics at a wide range of production speeds.   

The space saving printers with powerful on-board control system integrate easily into plant networks and reduce electrical power consumption. An innovative cascading outer cover provides an efficient, cooling air stream which extends the lifetime of the laser tube and ensure a new level of reliability in high duty-cycle applications.

The robust dual casing structure ensures a high level of protection for the laser tube and optics allowing the laser marker to be used in extremely harsh production environments. While these laser markers meet IP54 accreditation, the laser tube and optics actually exceed IP65 for washdown environments.


  • 10 or 30 watt power output
  • Wavelengths of 9.3 µm, 10.2 µm and 10.6 µm combined with multiple lens option
  • IP54 accreditation
  • Laser tube and optics actually exceed IP65
  • Standard marking field size of 60mm x 60mm with optional marking field sizes up to 250mm x 250mm
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