Coating Thickness Gauges


CMI155 and CMI157 gauges measure the thickness of single layer coatings or the total thickness of applied coating on iron, steel, aluminum, and other metal substrates. Units are equipped with a probe foot designed for smooth surfaces and an extended measurement range. They are ideal metrology tools for: Paint & Powder Coaters, Coating Inspectors, Automotive and Aerospace Finishers and Electroplating Plants.

These compact, handheld gauges are factory calibrated and automatically select the best measurement technique for the base material. The gauges are durably designed, include a rubberized cover and meet IP52 environmental protection standards to withstand use in harsh conditions.



  • Single-button operation
  • Factory calibrated
  • Automatic substrate detection
  • Integrated probe design
  • IP52 protection against dust and water
  • No operator training required
  • Rapid inspection of paint, lacquer and other protective coatings on metal substrates
  • Dual technology ensures the right measurement on contact
  • Reliable non-destructive analysis
  • Item Nos. DF-391110, DF-391115
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