Color Bands Mark Key Locations


Color Bands for the Nomad 360, T32, and T56 lights as well as a Diffuser Cap and Color Bands for the Nomad Prime and P56 lights can be used to help mark key locations such as parking areas, first aid stations, command posts, or triage areas. They also allow the Nomad scene lights to be used as colorful beacons when the lights are in flashing mode or as helpful markers when the lights are in solid mode.


Each set of Color Bands includes five silicone bands; red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. They are lightweight and flexible, which means they can be changed out quickly and easily.


Since the Nomad scene lights telescope up to 8 (Prime and P56) and 8.5 ft (360, T32, and T56), the color bands can be seen from far away, making places like accident scenes, temporary shelters, job sites visually easier to locate.


To apply the Color Bands to the Nomad 360, T32, and T56 lights, simply slide them over the top of the light head, making sure the lens is fully covered. To apply the Diffuser Cap and Color Bands to the Nomad Prime and P56, slide the bands onto the Diffuser Cap and then snap the cap into the top of the light. A bonus with this accessory is that any bands not in use can be conveniently stored in the top of the Diffuser Cap. These durable silicone bands are fully submersible and can be cleaned easily.


Dimensionsint. dia 94 x 105 x 125 mm
Weight0.156 lb. each
What's Included

5 Color Bands, Accessories Bag (p/n 600-250)

Optional AccessoriesNomad 360 Scene Light 200-900
Small FoxFury Duffel Bag, P/N 850-200-800 
Accessories Bag, P/N 600-250
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