Color Laser Film


The CLF principle is both simple and ingenious: instead of ablating the top layer of the film, the laser energy triggers a conversion process. Therefore, Schreiner ProTech’s CLF features a modular design. Without destroying it, the laser beam first penetrates a transparent laminate layer before hitting the laser-active layer, where the energy is absorbed. The reaction of the laser-active layer exposes the colored layer of ink underneath. The film composite is complemented by a layer of adhesive, which is adapted precisely to the respective substrate and the customer’s requirements. Therefore, the drawbacks of conventional laser marking are a thing of the past. The marking process of the Color Laser Film occurs completely emission-free inside the film composite. This means that costly and maintenance-intensive exhaust systems for marking die-cut labels are not required. In addition, the transparent laminate layer provides reliable, permanent protection of all the data on the label from mechanical abrasion and other external influences. The individual polymer layers are highly temperature-resistant from -40 to +130 °C or, for short-term exposure, up +150 °C. The material composite is both UV- and weather-resistant and achieves a service life of up to 15 years, in line with industry requirements. All commercially available Nd:YAG-, Vanadat and fiber laser systems can be used. The innovative marking process by means of conversion instead of ablation consumes much less energy than the ablation process and is considerably faster. Schreiner ProTech’s CLF can be marked at speeds of up to 3,000 mm per second, with high edge definition and precision. The film’s modular construction offers a broad choice of material versions and colors. In addition, the Color Laser Film can be repositioned immediately after application. This enhances processing comfort, minimizes errors, and saves material. Schreiner ProTech’s CLF also sets standards in terms of security and authenticity protection, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important in view of the rising incidence of product piracy. The Color Laser Film can be provided with predetermined breaking points, which prevent any non-destructive removal of the label shortly after application to the component. Additionally, the label can be equipped with customized features such as an integrated logo, micro-font that is invisible to the naked eye, holograms, or color-shifting effects.
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