Colored Split Loom


NTE Electronics has added new colored split loom to their Cable/Wire-Ties/Bundle Management product line.  Designed to hold, protect, and conceal cables, harnesses, hoses and wires, NTE’s colored split loom is ideal for organizing cables and managing cords into color-coded bundles that help keep electronic equipment in order and help prevent tangling, snagging, and equipment failure. NTE split loom is quick and easy to install, with the slit automatically closing after installation. 

Made of a durable yet flexible polyethylene construction, this product can also add a sleek, finished appearance while protecting from abrasions, punctures, vibrations, and corrosive fluids 

It is offered in a variety of colors and sizes: 

  • Colors:  Orange, Green, Red, and Yellow 
  • Diameters: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” 
  • Lengths:  5 ft., 10 ft., and 100 ft. 
Suitable for use in many industries, such as automotive, computer/electronics, farm/agricultural, marine, recreation vehicles, telecommunications, and construction, colored split loom helps to accommodate applications where certain bundle identification is critical.


  • ideal for organizing cables
  • polyethylene construction
  • lengths:  5 ft., 10 ft., and 100 ft
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