Bessamaire® has announced a new series of highly efficient industrial/commercial heating and cooling equipment. The Workhorse Series includes direct-fired heaters combined with evaporative coolers in a single unit. A patented FreshWater™ slinger wheel technology is employed, which evenly distributes atomized water across the entire air inlets to ensure efficient cooling. Traditional evaporative cooling pads are eliminated which minimizes the risk of airborne pathogens, mold spores or odors supported by slowly-drying cooling pads. Evaporative cooling is a “green” technology, consuming up to 90% less electricity than conventional air conditioning.
Workhorse heaters/coolers are available to provide 6,000 to 75,000 CFM, with heating capabilities up to 6,500,000 BTU. All units come standard with network capability and variable speed drives to offer true energy management. Touch screen controls allow up to 15 units to be remotely controlled via PLC or computer.
Construction is robust, with 18 gauge Galvalume® zinc alloy steel providing significantly more corrosion resistance than galvanized steel, allowing a 20 year rust-through warranty to be provided.

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