Communication Modules Enable Remote Access


CONTA-CLIP presents the communication module GSM-PRO2, a remote control and maintenance solution for decentralized applications via 2G and 3G wireless networks that features I/O expansion modules for a customizable number of inputs and outputs. The multifunctional I/O module alerts users via automated SMS or email messages when the monitored process achieves a certain state or defined limits are exceeded. Control room staff or service technicians can also switch the digital relay outputs of the GSM-PRO2 via text messages at the same time.


Various log functions can be used to record communications processes of the module, keep track of process values of the analog inputs, or the activation of inputs and outputs over time. The log files can be exported via USB, send to an email address or displayed in the web-based portal. The GSM-PRO2 features two standard inputs that can be configured for digital (24 V DC) or analog (0.10 V / 0... 20 mA) signals as needed, a pulse counter input with a maximum resolution of 1,000 pulses per second, and a universal contact relay output. Via an integrated connector, up to 15 I/O expansion modules can be connected to the GSM-PRO2. They are available in four different versions. While the GSM PRO 10DI is equipped with ten 24V digital inputs, the GSM PRO 8AI features eight adjustable multi-function inputs (0. 10V, 0(4)..) 20mA, NTC, RTD). The GSM PRO 4DO has four relay outputs for continuous currents up to 16 A, and the GSM PRO 4AO provides four 0 to 10V analogue outputs.


An app for iPhone and Android devices enables fast and easy monitoring, control of the communication module and also allows for a quick overview of the status of all inputs and outputs of several GSM-PRO2-modules at once. The GSM-PRO2 can be parameterized in a web browser and requires no programming know-how. Even after installing and setting up the modules, firmware update and online configuration changes can be easily carried out at any time via the GSM network.



  • has two onboard inputs that can be configured for digital or analog signals
  • pulse counter input with max resolution of 1,000 pulses/sec
  • universal contact relay output
  • modules come in 4 different versions
  • connection is quick & easy


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