Communication Protocol for Improved Efficiency


A HART 7 position transmitter option for the TopWorx D-Series switchbox enables advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for valve integrators and automators. It helps improve operational efficiency and maintenance planning for plants in process industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, and refining.


The HART 7 position transmitter’s easy-to-use LCD display and navigation buttons permit local 5-point calibration for more accurate setup on linear applications. Advanced diagnostic capabilities include measurements such as percent valve is open/closed, open and close dwell time, valve transition time – from open to close, and last open/close stroke time. 


  • LCD display indicates error codes, valve position, device temperature, and calibration modes for easier setup, commissioning, and fault finding
  • Limit switch position monitoring
  • Integrated vibration-resistant terminal strip for easier setup and greater connective reliability
  • Compact design for installation in small spaces
  • Spare auxiliary input that can be used to monitor any dry contact switch over the HART 7 network
  • Global certifications for application flexibility
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