Compact 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center


The compact, high-precision Quicktech S-32 ATM 9-axis twin spindle mill/turn center combines integral-motor main- and sub-spindles with a 190° B-axis milling head and a fast automatic toolchanger to maximize output of small, complex parts


The S-32 ATM has 9 axes in total, including two turning spindles and a 190° B-axis milling spindle, serviced by a 24-tool arm-type automatic changer. Six fixed gang-type I.D. turning tools at sub-spindle result in a total capacity of 30 tools. The machine’s compact 3750mm (150") x 2175mm (87") x 2025mm (81") dimensions (including chip conveyor) promote efficient use of manufacturing floor space.


Both the main spindle and sub-spindle feature 6,000 rpm, 5-hp high-torque integral motors and have 42mm collet chucks (or 5" 3-jaw hydraulic chucks) with capacity for 30mm bar stock. The spindles feature a continuous C-axis with a braking system and are fully synchronized for fast and accurate part transfer.


The 10,000 rpm, 3 HP, HSK40-T B-axis milling spindle services both turning main- and sub-spindles and has a working range of 190˚ (+/- 95˚ from vertical). The B-axis is locked in position for rigid turning operations. The 24-tool arm-type toolchanger, with an HSK-40T quick-change tooling system, produces tool change times of only 1.3 seconds. The sub-spindle moves in the X-, Y-, and Z-axes, and in the X-axis can move above and below the centerline to clear the B-axis and enable it to have full tilting capabilities. At the sub-spindle are six gang-type turning tools that allow simultaneous turning and milling operations. Rigid tapping is standard.


The S-32 ATM is built for precision and durability. The main and sub-spindles employ P4 high-precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting ability. The machine frame and all major components are heavy Meehanite cast iron. Large 35mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways in all linear axes provide stability and permit heavier machining. Substantial 32mm ballscrews are double anchored, pre-tensioned and direct coupled to the machine’s servomotors.


The mill/turn center is equipped with a Mitsubishi M830W control with a 475mm (19”) LCD, and all spindles and axes employ Mitsubishi AC servomotors and amplifiers. Also available is a Fanuc OiT-F control with a 275mm (15") LCD and matching Fanuc motors and drives. Standard machine features include a bar feeder interface, parts conveyor and catcher, chip conveyor, collet chucks and a 400 psi coolant pump.


Item / ModelS-32 ATM
Main Spindle Capacity 
Max Bar Working Capacity1.18 (30 mm)
Max Turning Length15.7″ O.D. / 6.3″ I.D.
Spindle Speed Range (std.)6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor5 HP
C-Axis Increment.001°
Sub-Spindle Capacity 
Max Bar Working Capacity1.18 (30 mm)
Max Turning Length11.8″ O.D. / 2.17″ I.D.
Spindle Speed Range (std.)6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor5 HP
C-Axis Increment.001°
Milling Spindle and ATC 
Spindle Speed Range (std.)10,000 RPM
Spindle Motor3 HP
B-Axis Increment.001°
Tool SystemHSK-40T
Automatic Tool Changer24 Tools
Tool Change Time Tool-to-Tool1.3 Seconds
Sub-Spindle Tooling System 
Tooling TypeGang – Fixed
Number of Tools6
Tooling SystemER-20 (ER-25) Collets
Travel and Feed 
Rapid Traverse Rate1,181″/min.
CNC ControlMitsubishi M830W
Machine Dimensions with Chip Conveyor150″ x 87″ x 81″
Machine Weight9,570 lb.
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