Compact Carton Former



Kliklok ACE (Advanced Carton Erector) carton former was developed with a particular focus on ergonomic design, sustainability, and increased efficiency. The integrated Flex Feeder ensures a reliable and safe carton control throughout the entire process. The Kliklok ACE range runs at up to 80 cycles per minute with single, double or triple head and is suited for a number of food applications, such as bakery, snacks, cereal bars, frozen/prepared food, tea and coffee, as well as non-food products.


The Kliklok ACE carton former can form lock-style and glue-style cartons on the same machine, offering manufacturers full flexibility. Syntegon Technology also provides the machine with ultrasonic technology. Both, the lock and ultrasonic versions, are glue-free, making them a real sustainable option. The Kliklok ACE range can handle different carton format sizes, ranging from a blank size of 190 mm length x 122mm wide to 800 mm length x 600 mm wide.


Flex Feeder offers positive carton control, transferring the cartons reliably from the forming process to the machine exit. Since operators load the machine manually, it was designed at waist height to make the feeding process more operator friendly. Overall, the machine allows tool-less changeovers, which supports vertical start-up.


To offer customers a future-proof solution, the Kliklok ACE is not only available with a single head system, but also a double or triple-head system, which offers more flexibility in terms of speed and size change between these different configurations.

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