Compact Direct Drive Rotary Servo Table


Compact SRT Rotary Table with direct drive servo motor technology (DDR) eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components and  provides stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications. Pre-tapped mounting holes and a hollow-through shaft permit a variety of machine designs.

   SRT-03 rotary tables fitted with precision four point contact preloaded ball bearings. Low and high speed (1000 RPM) windings and resolution to 0.2 arc-sec available.

   SRT-03 DDR Rotary Table equipped with a high-accuracy encoder mounted directly to the rotor to provide improved positioning accuracy and to eliminate backlash, positioning delays and maintenance requirements.

   SRT-03 DDR (direct drive rotary) can be used as a flexible indexer, providing programmable, rapid indexing far exceeding the throughput of conventional mechanical or variable reluctance technology indexers. It can also be used for replacing mechanical transmissions such as gearboxes, timing belts, and rack and pinion reducers.

•   peak torque 10 Nm

•   stage height 65 mm

•   stage diameter 115 mm

•   stage center opening 30 mm

•   resolution 0.2 arc-sec

•   repeatability 0.5 arc-sec

•    accuracy 5 arc-sec


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