Compact Electric Cylinders


– Kollmorgen introduces EC1 Electric Cylinders.  The EC1 is a cost effective, high-performance linear positioning alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic systems in applications requiring continuous thrust of =150 lb. (660N).  They deliver all the benefits that electric cylinder users have come to expect such as smooth, controllable speed (up to 0.325 m/s [13 in/s]), accurate mid-stroke positioning and position holding without power (with brake option), in the most compact electric cylinder package available to date from Kollmorgen. 
“EC1 electric cylinders fill the market need for a small thrust electric linear positioner with a low enough price point to make it an attractive and beneficial alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuation.  They are more accurate, use less energy and provide true controlled motion compared with the simple ‘start/stop’ limit switch motion of pneumatics.  They also reduce parts count and maximize machine uptime by eliminating the valves, pipes and hoses required of pneumatic and hydraulic options,” says Gene Mathews, Chief Application Engineer.

EC1 electric cylinders deliver standard stroke lengths from 50 mm up to 200 mm, and can handle maximum payload weight of 150 lbs at 100% duty cycle.  The EC1 can deliver repeatability to ± 0.001 in. with lead accuracy to ± 0.004 in./ft., with backlash of just 0.015 in.  This performance, coupled with a compact 4.60 in. + stroke length x 1.89 in. x 3.25 in. (117.0 mm + stroke length x 48 mm x 82.6 mm) footprint, make the EC1 ideally suited for use in space-restricted applications such as testing systems, test sample placement in medical applications, and general factory automation machines where precise, repeatable motion is a must.

EC1 electric cylinders can be combined with a Kollmorgen AKM™ series servomotor with an integrated Smart Feedback Device (SFD) and a servo drive, or Kollmorgen CT series stepper motor and a stepper motor drive, for a complete, fully optimized plug-and-play linear motion solution.  This enables the OEM to get their machine(s) up and running quicker, and to market faster.


* Max. Stroke Length, mm (in) 200 (7.87) * Screw Lead, mm/rev (in/rev) 3.175 (.125) * Screw Diameter, mm (in) 9.525 (.375) * Unit Backlash, mm (in) 0.38 (0.015) * Dimensional Standard Metric ISO6431 Std. * Bore Size, mm (in) 30 (1.2) * Motor Mount parallel or inline
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