Papailias Incorporated is offering an aesthetically pleasing, explosion-proof light that is popular in pharmaceutical and food processing industries.  Featuring die cast anodized aluminum parts, the Series SLEX-100 and REX-100 are compact, explosion-proof lights that provide lighting and viewing through a single port.  UL-844 and C-UL/CSA C22.2 No 137 listed, these electric lighting fixtures are used in hazardous (classified) locations.  Both models use high intensity halogen lamps to provide bright, glare-free illumination of the interior of vessels, tanks, hoppers, silos, mixers, and other normally closed containers in hazardous locations requiring explosion-proof equipment.  The illumination port used in conjunction with a standard sightglass offers users many options, including use of a video or TV camera on the free sightglass while the illumination port provides the necessary lighting.

The fixtures can be easily mounted on existing pressure vessel installations by means of brackets provided.  The corrosion resistant fixtures include die cast anodized aluminum parts that enhance the appearance of the unit.  Castings have heavy walls to withstand internal explosions.  These lights will also contain and extinguish the flames of burning gases before they ignite the surrounding atmosphere.  All metal joints are either threaded or ground.  The glass lens is finely ground borosilicate glass that mates with the precisely machined seat in the body of the fixture to form the seal.
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