Compact LED Push-Button Switch Ideal For Portable Communications And Control Panel Applications


Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has announced an new, compact single-station lighted push button switch featuring a bright bi-color LED light source within a durable Fresnel lens button for high visibility and installations into small areas. Applications considered ideal for the new Model SW44473 includes avionics, portable or headgear communication equipment status indicators, server status indicators, instrumentation panels, power machine control, medical instrumentation and any applications requiring consistent, reliable operation and the benefits of LED display life and brightness in a low profile design. The new SW44473 LED switch features SPST alternate action functionality (1 N.O. circuit) and a built-in resistor for operation at specific voltages. The unit is rated at 30VDC or 115VAC, 2 Amps resistive, 0.5 Amps inductive; operating pressure is 8 oz. (± 4 Oz); plunger travel 0.120 inches (approximate). The units’ compact design is only 0.52 inches in diameter with a total switch depth of 1.52 inches, requiring only 1.22 inches behind mounting panel, including solderable terminations. A clear 0.303-inch diameter lens cap protects the factory-installed bi-color LED. Extended switch function life is rated at 100,000 actuations minimum.
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