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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors announces the new TOPLED Compact 5630 LED, an innovative addition to the world of LED lighting. By adapting its successful TOPLED packaging technology to the special needs of backlighting applications, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has created a brilliant LED that will enhance monitor and TV screens of all sizes.

Two new versions of the TOPLED 5630 with different coverage of the color space according to the sRGB standard are available to meet various customer requirements.

The ultra-white version of the new TOPLED LED has an efficiency of 76 lm/W at an operating current of 120 mA. Color space coverage is up to 100% sRGB, depending on the color filters used in the display. A specially optimized phosphor is used as conversion material to ensure high stability of the white point over time and across a wide temperature range. OSRAM also offers a multi-white version that achieves 67 lm/W for the same operating current and covers up to an impressive 120% of the sRGB color space. Both versions measure just 5.6 x 3.0 x 0.9 mm in size and offer uniformly high quality in the product and in the application.

“Televisions backlit by LEDs offer brilliant colors and high contrast. The TOPLED Compact provides superb color space coverage, and its high white-point stability ensures that colors remain consistent over its operating lifetime,” said Winfried Schwedler, Marketing Manager, Consumer Applications, at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. “The multi-white TOPLED in particular exhibits a linear response that sets new standards.”

The ultra-white version offers 13% higher efficiency, which means that fewer LEDs are required for screen backlighting units to achieve comparable brightness. Both TOPLED Compact 5630 LEDs make it easy for monitor and TV manufacturers to meet strict energy consumption standards of Energy Star 2010/2012 and EuP Class A 2010/2012.

The new LEDs are flat-encapsulated, have no integrated lens, and provide high efficiency for injection into light guides. OSRAM’s tried and tested TOPLED design stands for reliability and is suited for high volume manufacturing. The TOPLED Compact 5630 is the second LED of this family, together with the TOPLED Compact 4520.


  • a brilliant LED
  • high stability of the white point over time
  • wide temperature range
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