Compact Linear Stage


recision motion specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) adds a new integrated XY stage to its compact high-speed positioning stage roster, all powered by ultrasonic piezo-linear motors. The patented motors provide smooth motion, high resolution and rapid step and settle response while the self-clamping drive principle locks the platform in place without power, an advantage in applications where position stability and low power consumption matter.



The U-723 XY stage provides 0.8” travel per axis, with a footprint of only 42x42 mm (1.6x1.6”). Its low profile of 21 mm (~0.8”) and miniaturized design allows for easy integration into tight spaces. In addition to high resolution (10-nanometer linear encoders), it provides high-speed motion up to 200 mm/sec and rapid step/settle performance. 


To take advantage of the operating principle, providing superior dynamic performance with settling times in the millisecond range while maintaining high resolution and smooth operation, ultrasonic motors benefit from advanced control strategies, such as automatic switchover between several static and dynamic PID parameter sets and adaptive frequency tracking. PI offers a number of ultrasonic motion controllers (C-867 and C-877 product families) available in desktop, rack-mount, and OEM configurations. An ASIC chip containing the motion control algorithms is also available for OEM customers.  A comprehensive software package is included: drivers and example programs for LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux, MATLAB are available. Interfaces include TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, and analog. 


Like all PI motion controllers, the E-727 comes with extensive software support such as LabVIEW drivers and dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux. The E-727 can also be operated via TCP/IP or USB even without an EtherCAT master and commanded with PI GCS codes. Additional interfaces are SPI for fast serial transmission of position values to/from an SPI master, 4 digital I/O (each) and 4 optional high-resolution analog I/O (20 bits) for external sensors, target values or external amplifiers.

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