Compact Liquid Pump


The Thomas 1210 Series Diaphragm Liquid DC pump features the REFLEX valve (patent pending) design that provides a bubble-free liquid flow. The 1210 Series is perfect for fuel cell, inkjet and diagnostic applications. 

Available in 12V and 24V DC diaphragm models, this efficient, compact pump (2.0” x 0.9” x 1.4”) is able to handle a mixture of air and liquid, has a low sound level and is lightweight (2.4 oz./68g). Maximum flow is 180 ml/min, with a maximum pressure of 80 m H2O and a maximum vacuum of 60 m H2O. The pump is now available with EPDM and Viton diaphragms/valves.


  • bubble-free liquid flow
  • 12V and 24V DC diaphragm models
  • maximum flow is 180 ml/min

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