Compact Model CPH Capacitive Proximity Switch


BlueLevel Technologies announces the availability of its latest level sensor, the Model CHP Capacitive Proximity Switch for clean liquids and dry bulk materials. Managing Director, Joe Lewis, comments that “this level sensor is a great addition for our customer base with a compact design, reliable performance and a low cost”.

The Model CPH is a capacitive proximity switch product line consisting of units that operate with AC loads and DC. They are compact being 30mm in diameter and approximately 80mm deep. They are priced low in cost and provide high value. The 2-wire AC unit operates from 20-250VAC and switches loads as high as 300ma. They come with built-in ESD protection and operate over a temperature range from -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F). The 4-wire DC devices are capable of interfacing with a wide variety of PLC’s, switching 10-30VDC and come in either NPN or PNP styles with both NO and NC wiring connectivity.
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