Compact Power Quality Filter


The ultra-compact filter, Comsys ADF P25, addresses recurring power quality issues in industry for applications where space is at a premium.


Power quality is a growing concern for utility providers, manufacturers and data centers. The more advanced technology in today’s facilities is putting higher demand on the electrical grid, making machinery particularly susceptible to power quality issues and unexplained equipment malfunctions and stoppages.


This coincides with the dwindling space in today’s facilities — there often isn’t room for a bulky power filter. Improved space optimization for this equipment enables higher production volumes in the same footprint, saving business huge sums of money in floorspace.


The Comsys ADF P25 addresses the need for an ultra-compact power filter, without compromising on protection. It filters a variety of electrical disturbances, including transients and harmonics, which could go on to cause overheated transformers, nuisance tripping and non-compliance with grid codes.

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