Compact Rider Scrubber


Tennant Company announces the introduction of its new T12 compact  battery-powered rider scrubber.  The latest innovative cleaning machine from Tennant, the T12, delivers  big productivity in a compact, maneuverable rider scrubber. It’s perfect  for many uses ranging from retail and public spaces, to manufacturing,  logistics and food and beverage applications. With its rugged  engineering and appealing design, the T12 provides the quality customers  have come to expect from Tennant. And only Tennant equipment is backed  by the support of over 750 factory-trained Tennant service  representatives.  Tennant’s T12 compact rider scrubber offers many benefits, including: 
  • Heavy-Duty Compact Performance – Tackle tough cleaning jobs  with impressive main scrubhead down-pressure of up to 250 lbs. (114  kg) (disk brush configuration) 
  • Increased Productivity – The 32-inch (1,065 mm) wide cleaning  path cleans floors from edge to edge with an optional scrubbing side  brush which extends the cleaning path by 28% 
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Save money by reducing the need to  purchase chemicals with optional chemical-free ec-H2O™ technology 
  • Health & Safety – Reduce fatigue and increase operator  safety with a large operator compartment and easy ingress and egress  from either side of the machine 
  • Easy Operation & Maintenance – Simplify operator training  with controls that enable the scrubbing systems to be activated with a  single large green button 


  • main scrubhead down-pressure of up to 250 lbs
  • 32-inch (1,065 mm) wide cleaning path
  • large operator compartment

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