Compact Right-Angle, Flange-Mounted Planetary Gearbox


Compact right-angle, flange-mounted WPLFE gearbox is built for applications with tight space constraints and powerful torque requirements.


Depending on the frame size, this gearbox requires up to 30% less space than comparable right angle gearboxes. With lifetime lubrication and minimal installation height, WPLFE has the flexibility to mount in any direction to help optimize small spaces.


This model’s standardized flange interface makes it easy to mount drive components—such as pulleys, belt drives, rack-and-pinion systems, linear units and rotary tables. In addition, WPLFE’s large flange output shaft diameter provides five times the torsional stiffness of an output shaft with a feather key.

WPLFE also comes with deep, low-friction groove ball bearings that produce little heat, ultimately improving the lifetime performance of your gearbox and drive.


  • 94% efficiency at full load
  • Operating temperatures from 25 to 90°C
  • IP54 protection class
  • Nominal output torque up to 260 Nm
  • Radial force up to 3,800 N
  • Service life of 20,000 hours
  • High inertia ratio range from i=3 to i=100
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