Compact Slim-Line Sensors for Pedestrian and Industrial Doors


Carlo Gavazzi has launched a new series of slim-profile photoelectric sensors for pedestrian and industrial door applications. The PD70 packs a multitude of features and approvals into a compact housing that can fit in many installations.

With a housing that is only 11.5mm wide by 11.5mm deep, the PD70 can be mounted in narrow door frames.  A built-in test input feature on the emitter allows for evaluation of proper sensor function, thereby increasing the level of safety.   The sensing range of 12m (approximately 40’) allows the PD70 to be used in wide door openings, with total reliability.  The color coded sensors (red for emitter, green for receiver) come pre-wired with 5m of cable, or with the convenience of a M8 quick-connect plug.
The PD70 is the perfect complement to standard radar door sensors (such as Carlo Gavazzi’s RAD01 and RAD02 Series), providing the presence detection required to alert the door controller that a person or object is in the door opening, and to keep the door open until it is clear.
 The PD70 is UL 325 approved, and designed to be in compliance with all relevant European and North American door standards, and carries CE and cURus marks, which are your assurance of a high quality, tested, and safe product. 
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