Compact Torque Inserts Pack a Strong Punch


TI-340 Torque Inserts' “One-way” technology eliminates almost all the torque required to move the insert in one direction without compromising holding force in the other. 

This creates a reliable holding force for the torque insert in one direction and the capability for easy adjustment in the opposite direction with virtually no resistance.

The inserts can enable reliable, precise, and controlled positioning of equipment and components for a wide range of hinging applications. The torque capabilities range from 17.7 to 44.3 lb-in.


  • Torque capabilities range from 17.7 to 44.3 lb-in.
  • “One-way” technology
  • Hinging applications include: access panels, computer peripherals, equipment guards, flat panel monitors, industrial enclosures, medical and office equipment, automotive accessories, and architectural lighting fixtures
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