Compact Uninterruptible Power Supply


UNO-UPS, a compact 24 V DC uninterruptible power supply (UPS), provides standby power in the event of an AC mains power loss. The cost-effective UNO-UPS is suitable for use with compact controllers, PLCs, HMIs, and other low-power devices.

 The UNO-UPS includes an integrated 0.8 Ah, absorbed glass mat lead-acid battery. This battery operates in temperatures from -15°C to +50°C and has a life expectancy of up to five years. The battery runtime can be adjusted by a rotary dial, or through remote shutdown input. The battery is mounted on the front and can be released with a screw, for easy installation and maintenance.

 An external 24 V DC power supply is required to supply input power to the UNO-UPS. Phoenix Contact’s UNO-PS/1AC/24DC/60W is an ideal choice to power this UPS.


Uninterruptible power supply with:

  • integrated power storage
  • lead AGM
  • VRLA technology
  • 24 V DC, 0.8 Ah.
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