Compacter Creates Fewer Trips


With a single cylinder design, the CP-1501 commercial compactor easily handles dry waste and packaging materials. By packing into a front or rear load container, this machine is serviceable by the haulers standard front/rear load route, which eliminates downtime and the need for a second container. The CP-1501 helps lower costs by creating high density, reduced volume material, which requires less space and fewer trips to the landfill or recycling center. Compaction also keeps materials safely undercover and out of sight, preventing waste from becoming windblown debris or a source of pollution. The CP-1501 is ideal for business offices, retail outlets, hotels and universities.


CP-1501 highlights include:

  • Serviceable by Front/Rear Load Trucks
  • Large, clear top opening of 45.6” x 46”
  • Capacity: 1-1/2 cubic yards
  • Volume displacement: 90 cubic yards/h­our
  • Cycle time: 50 seconds
  • 39,500 lbs. maximum force
  • Numerous specialty optional equipment and design features
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