Component Fastener Secures Pulleys, Couplings to Shafting


Here is how it works. ShaftlocTM consists of two slotted sleeves. The outer sleeve has a hexagonal head. It is cylindrical on its outside diameter and threaded on its inside diameter. Conversely the inner slotted sleeve is threaded on its outside diameter and is cylindrical on its inside diameter. The thread has the unique feature that it is not symmetrical and that it creates a continuous inclined surface. When the two sleeves are threaded into each other with a component placed between them, tightening the sleeves will cause the outer one to expand and the inner one to contract. The shallow angle of the thread produces large amplification of forces, resulting in substantial torque transmission capability between the component and the shaft.

Distinct advantages of ShaftlocTM over conventional fastening devices are: (1) Simplicity of design - only two parts (2) No marring of shafts (3) Easy repositioning or synchronizing (4) Ease of assembly (5) Applicability to small shaft diameters (6) Availability in all stainless construction (7) Ability to be used for stationary breadboard structures. ShaftlocTM is available from stock to fit 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" shafts.
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