Comprehensive Linear Motion Resource Kit


) Bosch Rexroth’s new Linear Motion Resource Kit CD offers everything you need to know about linear motion technology in one convenient package. The resource kit features a comprehensive Linear Motion Technology Handbook, product animations, a complete collection of linear motion white papers and the most popular linear motion catalogs available from Rexroth.

A core element of the Linear Motion Resource Kit CD is the new 350+ page Linear Motion Technology Handbook – an educational, engineering reference book on linear motion technology and its uses, offering everything from basic principles to practical applications. No other reference work before it has dealt so extensively with all common types of linear motion guides, as well as ball screw drives and ready-to-install linear motion actuators and Cartesian systems.

The handbook includes information about the structural design, operating principles and characteristics of linear motion technology components. Topics such as rolling contact, life expectancy, preload, rigidity, accuracy and lubrication are discussed in detail. The handbook also describes the structural design and technical characteristics of the manufacturer’s linear bushings and shafts, profiled rail systems, ball screw assemblies, and ready-to-install linear motion actuators and Cartesian robots. Readers will also find useful design hints and advice on product selection, assembly and installation and tips for cost-effective project engineering.

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