Tyco Electronics Corporation has unveiled the industry’s most comprehensive line of end-to-end RFID solutions. Building on the broad technologies in the company's portfolio, the Tyco Electronics solution set includes RFID tags, inlays, readers, antennas, and software solutions. “Tyco Electronics has all the critical hardware and software building blocks for high-performance RFID solutions,” said Eric Freid, director of international business development for RFID Products at Tyco Electronics. “Equally important, we have key strategic partnerships with other industry leaders and the integration skills to offer the widest range of solutions from tags to readers to software,” added Freid. RFID labels and tags are available in molded, removable, and self-adhesive styles. Using advanced materials, RFID labels from Tyco Electronics are suited for rugged use in harsh environments, including aerospace, defense, transportation, and medical applications. Tyco Electronics' expertise in microwave components and systems forms the basis for RFID electronics and includes the RF building blocks for high-performance, space-saving, cost-effective solutions. Tyco Electronics also offers ruggedized system-level solutions encompassing UHF, HF, and LF technologies for readers and antennas. Freid continued, “The full line of RFID products is supported by value-added engineering, site surveys, installation, software, and on-going support. These services allow system designs to be optimized for reduced costs and improved performance in rugged environments with easy upgrades as requirements change over time.”
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