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The lever actuated, flush compression latch family now offers a new compression latch with a spring-loaded pin to provide consistent compression throughout the product life cycle.
Adding to the current ease of installation found in DIRAK’s well established Compression Latch family, the 6-160.01 Compression Latch additionally features self-adjusting compression at all times in the application.

Upon installation, the integral firm spring-loaded pin eliminates the initial adjustment commonly required to obtain a tight seal of the gasket and maintains this pressure on the seal throughout the application life. Simply calculate the grip distance (commonly referred to as dimension H in the DIRAK product catalog) and install the preassembled unit. The set compression is consistently maintained over time, ensuring sufficient compression of the gasket between the door and frame.  Even if the seal weakens over time, compression is automatically adjusted and maintained.

To install the latch into a panel, simply push the latch with the preassembled
U-bracket through the front of the panel cutout. The bracket width is the same width as the cutout enabling the complete assembly (including the bracket) to fit through the panel cutout for quick and easy installation from the front. To secure the product on the panel, open the trigger handle and turn the screw from the front.  The preassembled U-bracket expands automatically to grip securely behind the sheet metal panel holding the latch firmly in place.

The 6-160.01 Compression Latch fits in the same cutout as the existing DIRAK compression latch family for quick and easy retrofitting into existing applications.
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