Concrete Set Accelerator


Hydraset-Free, a non-chloride, ready-to-use liquid additive, reportedly accelerates initial setting time of mortar and concrete by as much as a factor of three. In addition, it makes the mix easier to set, and boosts productivity since forms can be removed and finishing operations started earlier. Used in cold weather, it helps reduce the risk of freezing. W.R. Meadows, Inc., Hampshire, IL


• ASTM C 494, Type C • AASHTO M 194, Type C • Corps of Engineers CRD C 87, Type C • Above 70º F (21º C) 1 pt. (.47 L) • 70º to 32º F (21º to 0º C) 1 qt. (.95 L) • 32º to 25º F (0º to -4º C) 1 to 1 1/2 qt. (.94 to 1.42 L) • 25º to 20º F (-4º to -7º C) 2 qts. (1.89 L)
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