Condition Monitoring ToolKit


A standalone system which contains everything needed to monitor the condition of processes and machines, including data acquisition and visualization, the Condition Monitoring ToolKit (CMTK) has UL approval for use in the United States and Canada. It provides an easy-to-implement solution for adding condition monitoring to existing machines and processes. Manufacturers can quickly gain deeper insights into the actual condition of their machines and systems, allowing them to detect problems early.


Each system includes the hardware and software and supports up to four IO-Link sensors. The CMTK includes support for Spanish and Portuguese languages in addition to the existing English and German language support. Version 1.2 also supports running software and programming languages such as Node-Red, Python, and C++. There is also a Rest API for configuration and a web user interface for IO-Link configuration.


The CMTK runs independently, providing actionable data no matter what controls systems are in place. The base unit is a miniaturized computer which can be installed on a DIN rail in a control cabinet for easy deployment. Four IO-Link ports allow to the addition of sensors to measure factors like temperature, vibration, humidity, and pressure. Built-in software stores this data, visualizes it on a dashboard, and can send alerts and export data. Built-in LAN ports connect the CMTK either directly to a computer or to an existing computer network.


  • Unified retrofit solution for machine and process monitoring
  • High flexibility through the connection of up to four arbitrary IO-Link sensors
  • Plug-and-play commissioning of the system and visualization of the data
  • Output of warning messages when adjustable limit values are exceeded
  • Self-sufficient system with data storage – independent of cloud and machine control
  • Remote monitoring from any location with network integration
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