Condor™& Condor™ with EcoFlex™ System


The Advance Condor® rider-scrubber with EcoFlex™ System lets you clean green and still meet the highest expectations for clean floors. With the industry’s most flexible floor-scrubber technology, you can develop a sustainable cleaning routine and quickly adjust to whatever the job demands. Be prepared to get more out of your budget, clean with less impact to the environment and maintain clean floors when you do.

Operators can quickly and easily select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent to tackle any cleaning challenge. Here are just a few of the flexible cleaning modes:

Water Only – Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean look of floors. Water-only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and reduces cleaning costs.

Ultra-low Detergent – Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of greencertified detergent will do the trick.Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.

Standard Detergent – The tough cleaning you expect. At standard detergent, pad pressure and flow rate, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt, grease, and oil from surfaces.

Burst of Power – For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. EcoFlex’s burst of power temporarily increases your machine’s pad pressure, detergent use and flow rate at the touch of a button.

If you are looking for a highly productive, rugged, battery rider scrubber, consider the benefits of the easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain Condor. The Condor is designed as a true industrial rider scrubber with reliability, productivity, and ease of use and maintenance built in. It features the most scrub path options of any machine in its class. A steel chassis and metal bumpers stand up to tough operating environments while thick high density polyethylene tanks will not dent, crack, or corrode.

The Condor with EcoFlex System delivers the flexibility to clean your floors more efficiently. By using a system that cleans like you do, you’ll reduce your cost to clean and create a more sustainable cleaning program.


• Tools-free removable brushes

• Traction control

• 70 gallon solution and recovery tanks

• Touch-pad LEDs on operator panel

• 2 inch squeegee and drain hose

• Retractable side brooms on cylindrical models sweep debris away from pallets and walls

• 40, 45, and 48 inch disc or cylindrical scrub decks

• Heavy-duty steel front bumper

• Large poly debris hopper

• Simple and intuitive controls

• Adjustable steering wheel and seat

• Clear-View
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