Conduit Locknut Wrenches Provide Impressive Torque


LOK-COND conduit fitting locknut wrenches solve time consuming and difficult electrical assembly needs by self locking to the fastener as torque is applied. This leads to superior torque capability up to connector failure without release of the fastener, and decreases the installation time.
The open-ended wrench's bent "tab" opposite the semi-circular figer  engages any of the lock nut's notches or grooves, and can easily reach where multiple side by side fittings exist. The 90 deg version with a breaker bar that slides over the unused end of the wrench to increase torque. Available sizes include 1/2, 3/4, and 1 in.


  • Available in 1/2,3/4 and 1 in.
  • Straight or 90 deg versions
  • Made of industrial grade tool steel and nickle-chrome plated to resist the elements
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