Configurable, Large-Scale 3D Printer


Set to disrupt traditional 3D printing, the V650 Flex stereolithography 3D printer is a unique offering that combines the power of a large-scale system with a configurable environment for fine-tuning across a broad range of resins – giving customers greater accuracy, choice, and lower costs in 3D printed prototype and part development.


Backed by a partnership with DSM, a global, purpose-led, science-based company in Nutrition, Health, and Sustainable Living, customers have the freedom to capitalize on the quality and high-performance of Somos® stereolithography resins with the V650 Flex 3D printer. DSM Somos-verified resins enable customers to produce high-quality, durable parts that meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


With a build volume of 20 W x 20 D x 23 in. H and interchangeable vats, the printer has reliability built-in, with a runtime of over 75,000 hours and more than 150,000 parts produced inside Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. The V650 Flex puts the power of verified resins and a configurable system to work – producing extremely durable, highly complex and accurate parts.


The open vat configuration of the stereolithography printer comes with recipes for DSM Somos resins commercially available directly from Stratasys – including:

  • Somos Element: The antimony-free stereolithography resin, specifically designed for producing strong, stable investment casting patterns with fine-feature detail and very low residual burnout ash. 
  • Somos NeXt: The resin that provides the accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel and performance of a thermoplastic.
  • Somos PerFORM: The material-of-choice for applications that require strong, stiff, high-temperature resistant parts, such as tooling and wind tunnel testing.
  • Somos Watershed XC 11122: A clear solution for designers looking for ABS and PBT-like properties for stereolithography – producing highly detailed, dimensionally stable, optically-clear parts with water resistance. 



  • Runtime of over 75,000 hours and more than 150,000 parts produced
  • Backed by Stratasys infrastructure – world-class sales and service organization
  • Open vat configuration
  • Design concepts, validation, investment casting, tooling, and injection molding
  • High-performance Somos stereolithography resins
  • Build volume – 20 x 20 x 23 in.
  • Interchangeable vats
  • Fully configurable and flexible
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