Conoscope Lens Measures Flat Panel Displays


Designed to work with Radiant ProMetric imaging photometers and colorimeters, the FPD conoscope lens can measure angular emissions of color, luminance, and contrast in flat panel displays (FPDs) to evaluate view angle performance up to ±70 degrees in a single measurement.


By capturing luminance data from multiple viewing angles at once, the conoscope solution allows manufacturers to quickly and accurately evaluate display view angle performance in real-time, in both R&D and production line environments.


The Radiant FPD conoscope lens mounts directly to a Radiant ProMetric Y Imaging Photometer or ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter using a custom bracket (suggested for use with 16MP models). Together, the camera and lens provide an efficient view angle performance measurement solution for a wide range of display types, including those based on LCD, OLED, and backlight technologies. The solution is useful for both R&D and production, capturing identical measurements of view angle data for seamless evaluation of displays throughout an entire product lifecycle, from initial characterization to manufacturing quality control.


The FPD conoscope lens offers:

  • Reduced hardware size, cost, and complexity compared to typical goniometric measurement systems for angular emission characterization in R&D.
  • Speed and a compact form factor suited for in-line inspection of displays during production. Users can apply real-time pass/fail operations based on display view angle performance data to eliminate poor-quality components from the line and identify production trends before significant materials loss.



  • Accurate, reliable measurement of luminance, chromaticity, and contrast to ±70-deg. view angle
  • Faster than goniometric systems, capturing data for all angles simultaneously
  • Easily paired with ProMetric imaging colorimeters or photometers
  • Combination of low cost, high performance, and flexibility, designed for R&D and quality assurance labs
  • Easy-to-use measurement control and analysis software
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