Constant-Torque Hinges


Concordville, PA, July 17, 2006 The new CEMA(TM) ST Series of constant-torque position-control hinges from Southco creates versatile options for precise positioning of hinged panels in a variety of applications. Their reliable positioning torque eliminates the need for secondary mechanical supports, while their slim profile accommodates narrow packaging designs ranging from handheld electronics to portable computer displays, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment, automotive video screens and other consumer products.

Available in a broad range of sizes and torque values, the hinges provide positioning torque in compact, rugged packages. Yet, they are engineered to deliver smooth and consistent operation that offers a feeling of precision and quality to end-users. The all-metal ST Series hinges feature hardened steel components to ensure robust performance and long life in a wide variety of end uses. They maintain consistent torque performance, cycle after cycle, without any need for maintenance, service, or adjustment.

All CEMA(TM) ST Series constant-torque position-control hinges can be configured with either equal torque in both rotation directions, or with higher torque in one direction. Stock torque ranges extend from micro-torque levels of 0.35 kg-cm (0.3 in-lbf) up to 51 kg-cm (44 in-lbf). All models also provide zero-backlash operation to enhance the user's tactile experience. Together, these features allow the hinge to be matched to the specific physical and ergonomic requirements of each application.

At only 7 mm (.28") long and with a 4 mm (.16") diameter, the ST-4 Series brings the robust, consistent performance of CEMA positioning technology to the smallest spaces. Used in applications ranging from web cams to handheld electronics, these hinges feature press-in installation with no assembly fasteners, so they provide reliable positioning at a minimum installed cost.

At the other end of the spectrum, the heavy duty ST-12 Series provides torque values as high as 100 kg-cm (88 in-lbf) per pair, to position even larger doors and display panels securely. Maximum working loads range from 200 N (45 lb/f.) to 1200 N (270 lb/f.) depending on hinge size.


• Minimum cycle performance: 20,000 cycles ±20% of static torque specification
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