Contact-Free Body Temperature Measurement



DuThermX is a fully integrated body temperature measurement system for industrial and commercial applications in the United States. The contact-free, high-capacity system detects elevated body temperatures as large numbers of people enter factories, healthcare facilities, buildings, and event venues. The DuThermX system uses advanced thermal camera technology and can be integrated with existing security systems.


DuThermX provides a new, automated body-temperature measurement solution that works while streamlining the movement of people with ease at entry points. Additional DuThermX applications will be available for walk-thru entry, airport entrances, outdoor tunnels, and event venues as well as offering other mobile solutions.



When it comes to safeguarding points of entry at industrial, commercial, and public facilities around the country, DuThermX is the highest functioning automated temperature scanning and security solution available. DuThermX is a contact-free and continuous flow system, which alleviates the need for manual screening and any bottlenecks created by stopping people that often requires two or more personnel at any building entry point. It can be added to existing surveillance and monitoring systems or installed separately.


Easily, quickly, unobtrusively, DuThermX detects body temperatures within +/- 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 to 40 people simultaneously, depending on the configuration of a facility’s entry point. With a response time of 30 milliseconds, the hard-wired set-up delivers a constant, secure, and reliable data feed. When a person passes through an entry point with an elevated temperature, an alarm alerts designated personnel.  The multi notification alarm system includes audible, visual, email, SMS text, onscreen, and network video capture.


With its deep history in innovation, designing, developing, and installing industrial electrical and technology systems along with its thermography scanning offerings, Dubak Electrical was able to develop a system that integrates advanced thermal camera technology, surveillance, and electrical systems. The parent company offers a turnkey, fully integrated system that addresses heightened emerging public health challenges. The system add-ons can offer additional security enhancements such as facial recognition.

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