Continuous-Duty Motors Guarantee Quiet Operation & Precise Power Transfer


ABM Drives' standard continuous-duty motors and drive product platform have a modular design process allowing for cost-effective, low-volume production runs.


The most common of these, the helical gearbox, increase motor output torque and reduce output speed and the high-grade helical gearing with ground-tooth flanks guarantees quiet operation and precise power transfer.


  • Two or three-stage gearboxes; output torques from 30 to approximately 2,060 Nm
  • Reduction ratios from i =  2.55 up to approximately 510.07
  • Motor outputs up to 11.0 kW; design per bearing life expectancy (typical value) 40,000 operating hours
  • Hollow or stub output shaft, Torque arm, Flange for U- or in-line design
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