Contrinex Fiber Optic Amplifiers with Digital Display


Contrinex fiber-optic amplifiers for DIN-rail mounting (DIN/EN 50022) feature an 8-digit, 14-segment LC display and very small housings (31 x 60 x 10 mm), that permit optimum stacking in large numbers, especially where space is limited. The distance can be set by means of teach-in (including dynamic), with additional manual fine adjustment. In addition to a setting range of 20 – 200 mm, these devices attain switching frequencies of up to 4 kHz. The values displayed are inversely proportional to the target distance. Increments of < 1mm across the whole sensing range ensure that these amplifiers are extremely precise. They also feature adjustable output switching delay and stretching, and are resistant to environmental influences (IP 64) The principal features of these sensors are: • For DIN-rail mounting (DIN/EN 50022) • Ideal for stacking, thanks to small dimensions (31 x 60 x 10 mm) • Signal-strength and threshold indication by means of LC display • Teach1 (background), Teach 2 (target and background), Dynamic Teach or manual fine adjustment • Adjustable pulse delay and stretching • Three operational modes: up to 4 kHz • Low specimen scattering


• Hysteresis - 10 % typ. • Emitter (regulated light power) - LED red680 nm • Output (switch selectable) - N.O./N.C. • Output state indication - LED yellow • Excess gain indication - LED green • Supply voltage range UB - 10 ...30VDC • Output current - ≤200 mA • Switching frequency - ≤1,500Hz • Switching time - ≤ 330µsec • Sensitivity setting - potentiometer • Ambient temperature range TA - -25 ...+55oC(-13... 131oF) • Short-circuit protection • Voltage reversal protection- built-in • Induction protection - built-in • Degree of protection - built-in
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