Contrinex MiniDist® — quantum leap in sensor technology


Contrinex has increased the operating distance of its Series 500 miniature inductive 4mm diameter and M5 devices to a substantial 2.5 mm by incorporating advanced ASIC technology. Constantly increasing levels of automation and growing demand for sensors suited for compact installations have made miniature sensors increasingly popular. However, the relatively short operating distances of conventional mini sensors, and, as a result, their proximity to moving parts, frequently lead to mechanical damage and above-average failure rates. Delivering an operating distance of 2.5 mm, more than 3 times greater than the standard —these sensors can be mounted safely away from moving parts.

The Condist® technology, developed by Contrinex and enabling up to 4-times operating distances, could previously only be applied to larger devices (starting from diameter 6.5 mm). However, Contrinex succeeded in incorporating the numerous discrete components into an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), that not only reduces manufacturing costs, but also the space required by the electronics.

In addition, these devices feature the same electrical properties and protection functions as larger types, and can replace them wherever space is limited.

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