Control Motors with A Joystick


Ergonomic, easy to use, and integrated Joystick motion controllers for steppers, DC motors, and servo motor drivers in one, two, three, and four axis models are available. Users can choose from 18 models providing: Step and Direction signals per axis, Quadrature signals per axis, Analog Signals per axis and PWM and Direction signals per axis. The tilt angle of the joystick controls the speed of motion. The three speed ranges are high, medium, and slow speed. 


These, low cost, long life, Joysticks have a 5.5-ft. long cord and the standard connector is a 25-pin-DB-25, male connector. The maximum speeds may be set by the user via the supplied, easy to use GUI.


Two slide switches engage/disengage the joystick for shipping.  The footprint of the joystick is 4.76 in. wide by 7.80 in. long.  OES also offers complete Plug-and-Play systems including, motors, encoders, drivers, and cabling.  



  • Single Handed 1, 2, 3 or 4-axis Control
  • Motor Speed Proportional to the Tilt Angle
  • Three Speed Selection Keys
  • Step and Direction Signals per Axis
  • PWM and Direction Signals per Axis
  • Quadrature Outputs per Axis
  • USB Interface
  • Sine and Cosine Signals per Axis
  • Analog Output
  • Long Life
  • Low Power
  • Step Rates are set via USB
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