Controller Solution Connects Directly to Any Safety Device


NX-series Safety Controllers use Safety over EtherNet/IP for a powerful, modular and easily commissioned safety controller that can be efficiently adapted to a wide range of safety applications.

The controllers' inputs support direct connectivity to any kind of safety device: safety light curtains, scanners, interlocking devices, non-contact sensors, electromechanical switches, safety mats, safety bumpers, enabling switches, and more. The unit’s outputs support any type of safety actuator from safety relays and safety contactors to inverters or other drives with built-in safety torque off (STO) functionality.


  • Sysmac Studio software
  • ideal for compact systems with just a few I/Os, as well as for larger applications that require up to 256 I/O points
  • inputs support direct connectivity to any kind of safety device
  • EtherNet/IP coupler supports the stand-alone system with two EtherNet/IP ports
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