Convenient Accessory Cases for Automotive Professionals


To complement its new line of cordless tools, Ingersoll Rand has developed accessory cases specifically designed to combat common problems for automotive and industrial professionals.

“We invested a considerable amount of time in listening to professionals who use impacts and drill / drivers on a daily basis,” said Chris Leight, marketing manager at Ingersoll Rand. “The feedback we received enabled us to develop accessory cases that fit seamlessly into the work environment and enable workers to be more productive.”

The new cases are made of ballistic nylon ensuring durability and long life. Unlike competitive models that break easily when dropped due to their plastic composition, these cases are able to withstand repeated abuse in automotive shops or industrial plants.

Because the cases are made of a nylon material, they minimize the risk of harming sensitive surfaces. Users can safely work around automotive finishes without the added concern of accidentally marring the paint.

Their unique design also provides greater convenience. Standard cases require users to put down tools while on the job and use both hands to open the case. Ingersoll Rand cases employ a magnetic button that easily clasps and unclasps for one-handed operation. Additionally, with a foldout design and elastic webbing, the cases carry more bits and are more easily accessible than competitive cases.

Ingersoll Rand accessory cases feature a belt loop for greater mobility. The Velcro strip on the loop makes it easy for users to fasten and unfasten the cases when desired. When not attached to the belt, a metal-supported grommet enables many of the cases to be hung on a wall or toolbox. Accessory cases also come equipped with a name tag, located on the back of the case for tool identification.
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