Convenient Bag Dump System with Built-In DELUMPER


The DELUMPER BAGSTATION is a pre-engineered bag dump system designed for unloading, de-agglomerating and freshening of lumpy bagged solids while efficiently introducing them into a production process. The units facilitate convenient manual opening of small to medium sized bags without creating a dusty environment. The system incorporates a built-in DELUMPERĀ® processor to reduce agglomerates and lumps and facilitate uniform product flow while the bags are being emptied. These units feature durable stainless steel construction, a bag grating platform, discharge hopper and mounted control system. An optional air filtration system employs a blower that draws the air into filter cartridge elements. The filter has an automatic timed collector cleaning system using reverse air jets. Other options include big slitting knives, variable frequency drive, and explosion-proof components. The DELUMPER crusher reduces the lumps and agglomerates to a free flowing state with a positive, one pass crushing action. without over-grind or heat rise. These units are supplied with heavy stainless steel body construction, smooth interior finish, precision operation, 5 HP motor and either a direct or belt drive
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