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CleanMove is a full line of sanitary stainless steel conveyors designed for the specific needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries. CleanMove stainless steel conveyors provide state-of-the-art cleanability, performance, reliability and are designed to meet food and pharmaceutical industry standards. With three different conveyor system platforms and so many recommended applications, CleanMove makes it easy to meet industry and specific government compliance standards.


CleanMove Standard is an economical solution with non-corrosive benefits for handling of packaged food or pharmaceuticals in a low moisture environment. The equipment can be wiped-down or washed using mild detergents and pressure (up to 100 psi). It features a bolted, #4 polish stainless steel frame construction; and stainless steel pulleys and hardware.


The CleanMove Plus is ideal for processing basic non-cultured food items like bakery goods or snack foods, as well as fruits and vegetables and canning lines. The equipment is designed for medium to high pressure washdown (up to 1,500 psi) with the use of corrosive chemicals for cleaning. It features a bolted, non-pitted continuous welded #4 polish stainless steel frame construction. The design also features food-grade, stainless steel bearings with polymer housing and epoxy painted (or stainless steel) motors.


CleanMove Ultra is designed for high caustic and high pressure washdown processes (up to 1,500 psi), for minimizing bacteria growth. Allowing for CIP (Clean In Place) and COP (Clean Out of Place) options, this line is designed for raw meats, poultry and fish as well as dairy products. Ultra features a polished, sealed tube frame construction with non-pitted welds, and a #4 polish or bead blast finish. It also features stainless steel motors and bearings along with premium sanitary construction.


CleanMove Stainless Steel Conveyors Features:

CleanMove Standard: For packaged and dry goods, designed for wipe down or soap and water cleaning (up to 100 PSI).


CleanMove Plus: For non-protein food products and high pressure washdowns (up to 1,500 psi) and chlorinated cleaners.


CleanMove Ultra: For protein and dairy products and high pressure washdowns (up to 1,500 psi) and caustic cleaners.

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