Conveyor Platform with Lighting System


Even the smallest of parts need their time in the spotlight. Dorner Mfg. Corp.'s new miniature 1100 Series conveyor platform now comes with an internal lighting system within the frame that brightly shines light through the conveyor's translucent belt. The 1100 Series Backlit conveyor with an LED light is ideal for inspection-type applications as it provides a contrast between the product and conveyor belt for both visual inspection and vision system interface. The 1100 Series Backlit is flexible to meet diverse applications; parts can be stopped directly over the lighted section or continue through uninterrupted.  

Unique design allows access to LED panel without removal of the belt for ease of use. The backlit feature enhances the functionality of the 1100 Series - Dorner's newest conveyor platform that was launched in April. The conveyor has a compact design featuring a 3/4" frame height, making it the smallest low profile conveyor available in North America. This low profile enables the conveyor to fit into the tightest of spaces, freeing up valuable machine or worker space. The 1100 Series is designed for lightweight or very small product movement and is Clean Room Class 100 Certified, making it ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences and industrial applications. The 1100 Series comes with several engineering designs for optimal performance in small part handling. The belt conveyor has a 5/8" roller transfer tail for accurate and efficient small part end transfers; the conveyor belt is nearly flush with the frame for ease of side transfers; and patent-pending pinch drive allows for 15-pound load without the need for high belt tension. The pinch drive offers worry-free conveyance utilizing three different belt tracking methods: cam, frame and pinch drive. Simply position the conveyor in the machine and let it run. If belt change is required, the unique drive package separates in two halves with just four fasteners, allowing for faster belt changes. Lastly, the 1100 Series ships completely assembled and ready to run.  

Design features:

  • End drive or mid drive models for enhanced application flexibility
  • Anodized aluminum frame with FDA approved plastic tail plates and stainless fasteners; Clean Room Class 100 Certified for medical/pharmaceutical applications
  • T-slot for fast mounting of automation components or accessories
  • Pinch drive separates in two halves for quick belt change
  • Available with fixed speed AC and brushless DC gearmotors


  • backlit feature
  • 3/4" frame height
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