Providing a cost-effective conveyor solution for OEMs and end-customers, Interroll now offers its 1700 Series conveyor roller with the Taperhex Black shaft design. The shaft design features an easy-to-install, double spring-loaded tapered hexagonal shuttle that is pressed into the profile holes of the roller for a secure and safe fit. The Taperhex Black is constructed of high-quality electrically conductive technopolymer that has been enhanced for superior noise reduction and wear resistance. The Taperhex Black shaft is not susceptible to any movement relative to the profile, a problem usually associated with torsional forces induced by start/stop operations. By eliminating movement, the spring-loaded Taperhex provides a solution that reduces noise levels, component wear, and maintenance, extending the operational life of the roller. "The spring-loaded tapered hexagonal shuttle is as secure as any bolted component, and the electrically conductive technopolymer provides a virtually maintenance-free operation," Ken Cowlin, Interroll National Director of Sales and Marketing. "The 1700 Series roller with the Taperhex shaft design is a perfect alternative to powered applications within the field of package and parcel-conveying technology, particularly areas that traditionally require tightly bolted rollers in order to minimize noise level and improve durability." Providing a maximum speed of 360 fpm and a maximum load of 80 lbs, the 1700 Series is suitable for package and parcel conveying technology, warehouse and distribution, food processing, security, and pharmaceutical applications.


• Bright steel or stainless steel • Spring-loaded spindle, diameter 8, 10 mm or 11 mm hexagonal • Female threaded spindle (M8 x 15), diameter 12 or 14 mm • Bearing housing made of polyamide (black) • Bearing seal made of polypropylene (yellow) • Types of bearing: • Interroll ball bearing • Interroll stainless steel ball bearing • Precision ball bearings 6002 , 6002 2RS • Up to 500 N • Extended inner tube
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