Coolant Maintenance Catalog


Oil skimming technology leader, Abanaki Corp., announces the release of its new Coolant Maintenance Catalog.

This newly constructed guidebook is a complete source to Abanaki's extensive coolant maintenance line, with up to date product information, model numbers, and drawings. With its in-depth expert commentary, it is an invaluable resource guide for those dealing with coolant maintenance issues.
There are numerous issues shop operators face when dealing with coolant.

Dirty coolant can cause health risks and skin irritation hazards, smoke during operation, and that all too familiar "rotten egg" smell.

However, cleaning and disposing of oil laden coolant can be very costly.

With the use of an Abanaki oil skimmer, coolant can be cleaned and recycled for further use.

Additionally, keeping the coolant clean and free of chips or debris will help to extend tool life. Oil skimmers are a low-cost, low-maintenance, and environmentally sound choice in cleaning oil laden coolant. Abanaki is continuously developing new technologies to help our customers tackle some of these common problems in the shop.



Content: Abanaki's complete coolant maintenance line.
Features: In-depth expert commentary
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