Coolant Through Tool Holders


GenSwiss announces the launch of “Coolant Thru” line of coolant through tool holders featuring delivery through the shank providing optimal insert lubrication and cooling, longer cutting tool life and improved Swiss type machining. Holders feature interchangeable coolant orifice plates at the insert top level enable exact control over coolant volume, pressure and velocity as low, medium and high flow action for more efficient chip removal. The holders are available with high pressure to 10,000 psi, stock sizes are 1/2” and 5/8” square shank, other sizes available on request. Insert pocket conforms to ISO style turning inserts, 80˚, 55˚, and 35˚. The coolant inlet of the tool holders uses standard NPT fittings, eliminates use of solid coolant delivery lines, allowing for faster setup and more accurate coolant delivery position to the insert. In addition, there is no need for custom proprietary gang plate and no coolant manifold installation is required, or other modifications to the coolant feed systems.

“The new ‘Coolant Thru’ holders improve chip control and removal, extends tool life and makes running tough jobs easier. Stops to clear chips is eliminated, resulting in less insert changes and delivering proper cooling. We think it offers users another option for greater Swiss machining efficiency,” comments Scott Laprade, GenSwiss Marketing Manager.


  • optimal insert lubrication and cooling
  • longer cutting tool life
  • improved Swiss type machining
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